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Training for a 5K, 10K, half, full or ultra marathon?

Soft Tissue Therapy is a great tool to prevent injuries and it can also optimize your training and performance!

It’s important to deal with niggles right when they crop up, before they turn into an injury and may cause the runner to take a break from training or stop altogether. Overuse conditions become particularly prevalent as a runner starts to increase the mileage, weather by following a training plan or by trying to make up missed sessions.

Soft Tissue Therapy can help with:

  1. muscle recovery post run and prepare them for the next run

  2. identify and deal with niggles that may lead to an injury

  3. reducing tightness, shortening and fatigue of tissues

  4. relief stress and tension

  5. reduce pressure around joints

  6. relax mind and body and improve the overall well-being

A rest day is a good day for a treatment. Book your appointment today & happy running!!

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