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Why you should treat yourself to a massage even though you don’t have aches or pain

Most known is that massage can release tension in our muscles, improve athletic performance (and by the way our normal daily activities too), calm us down and makes us feel good. But why and what exactly happens in our body that makes us feel so good afterwards?

A massage not only affects our musculoskeletal system but also triggers the receptors in our skin which thereby send signals to the brain. The brain in turn releases hormones that help us to feel relaxed and happy. In addition, the stimulation of the nerve endings in our skin widens the blood vessels and allows more blood to flow. This activates a couple of things, for example it supports skin elasticity and nourishment.

The release of hormones also helps to regulate hormone imbalance caused by stress. And the stimulated nervous system starts to slow down other body activities such as reducing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the amount of sweat. Even though each human being experiences massage differently, it usually always has a positive effect on our mood, relaxation, and stress level.

And off course the beneficial effects on our muscles: – makes muscle tissues more pliable – improves the fluid exchange to tissues – helps to reduce tightness and improves range of motion – beneficial as a natural remedy to pain, or when muscles go into spasm or cramp

There is good reason why massage has been used for thousands of years by tribes and cultures. Because it really does promote health and well-being. Not only do people feel better after a massage, but massage can accelerate the recovery from a number of injuries and illnesses. Massage can’t solve every problem and certainly not in one session, but it can be used effectively as a complimentary treatment for many ills, especially modern-day ones. With all this benefits it’s certainly worth to give it a try and even consider a remedial massage as part of your regular body maintenance program.

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