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Is Pilates the answer to stress incontinence?

Are you practicing hard on your back flip skills on the trampoline or trying to squeeze some jumping jacks in your exercise routine or simply an unexpected sneeze and oops out of a sudden it just comes out and you peed your pants. Embarrassing! Hey, you’re not alone with this problem, there are so many other women (and men) affected by stress incontinence. Unfortunately, we still don’t talk as open about it as we should and only 1 in 5 women is seeking help. We prefer to keep it a secret, suffering in silence and trying to perceive it as normal and to live with it.

Don’t be embarrassed and hide in your shell. Get yourself informed and do something about it because not being able to do what you love has a huge and long-lasting impact on your overall health and well-being. If your symptoms are quite severe, you may need medical intervention. If you are in any doubt, see a women’s health specialist. But most of the time pelvic floor exercises will do a fantastic job of reducing episodes by improving body awareness and re-educating the mind body connection.

When it comes to your ability to “hold it in,” it’s all about your pelvic floor muscles. This group of muscles attaches to the pelvis and sacrum, acting as a hammock-like support for your uterus, bladder, and rectum. If your pelvic floor muscles aren’t working properly, it can be hard to stop the flow of urine, resulting in incontinence.

To strengthen your pelvic floor, it is recommended to exercise daily and make it part of your routine. Pilates is a perfect workout to not only strengthen your pelvic floor but all the core muscles. By strengthening your core, you will naturally improve the strength of your pelvic floor, which will help the muscles to control your bladder and any leaks. It’s important to learn the correct form an technique of the exercises to get the maximum out of it. During 1:1 Pilates sessions the exercises will be modified to your personal needs, and you get the support and guidance you need to reduce the symptoms and gaining control back. It’ll take a bit time but believe me it’ll pay off and you’ll feel the difference soon.

Let’s get started!! Please reach out for any questions or book a spot in one of the group classes online.

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